Recap of Walt Hickey book signing

I missed probably half of the Q&A section because MetroAccess couldn’t get me there on time.

No kidding. Two taxis notified me that they were on the way to pick me up before the pickup disappeared.

I was worried about getting there way before the event started, but I ended up phoning them to get an Uber out to take me into the District.

The driver, too, didn’t take the route that the Uber app had recommended, and we ended up bouncing through backed-up traffic getting into the venue east of Capitol Hill.

Once I navigated my way down the stairs, I saw about the second half of the presentation. I was at a distinct disadvantage, since i hadn’t been able to get finished with the book. Between trying to read tiny text on my phone, and the insane work schedule, just hadn’t finished it. (And, as I’ve said in the comments § on the site, an audio book on Apple would be very nice. hinthint)

I did buy a paper copy of the book for Walt to sign. He knew exactly I was from my comments on the site. Though I generally try to avoid linking to Space Cowboy Jeff’s shopping site, you can buy the book here.

Some of the discussion toward the end was about the pros and cons of “binge-watching” shows.

With my limited vision, I don’t watch a ton of TV. I will say that I probably watch more than I did early in my late-night radio days (say 1998 to about 2004), but there’s not a ton of “must-see TV” for me.

When it comes to episodic stuff, too, shows often get to the point of tedium.

My wife and I had been getting through The Morning Show on AppleTV+. With the new season, after the Matt Lauer-inspired character died, it kind of feels like somewhat empty political posturing.

The one we watched last night after I got home had Bradlee’s (Reese Witherspoon’s character) brother as one of the January 6th people.

I almost turned it off.

The more that comes out about all of that after the pre-produced Congressional drama….the less convinced I am that there was any coordination.

Flashbacks to childhood in Europe with the Baader-Meinhoff crowd, having to stay inside on May Day, what happened to Ceausescu, the fall of The Wall, etc.. Watching what was going on in Tiananmen  Square on a dying Sony Trinitron, etc..

I know that in some of my recent forays into the city, I’ve ridden around Sheridan Circle.

There’s always been bad things happening if you check. But how much of it is just an attempt to bring something to the fore?

I don’t know.

After the presentation ended, I called to see if I could get my ride home bumped up. I was within an hour of the pickup window, so they wouldn’t bump me up.

Ended up at Fight Club DC for a quick bite, a beer, and a trip to the bathroom before my ride got there.

Odd sense of Deja vu being there….like I’ve been in that spot before at some point in the past. I’ve spent so many random nights in DC, it’s entirely possible.

Halfway mark tomorrows. Yay!