Somehow I omitted this from my writing schedule. Nobody noticed, but that’s because there’s very few people reading. Whatever. I do these for me.

Is the aversion to Fourteen based on hangover from Andy Dalton as a Saint?

Tough to place that blame, but it’s a starting point…if not a decent starting quarterback.

So look though the old entries, and stumble on this.

It’s been a while since I’ve written about being sick, what my current medical state is, etc..

After popping positive for antibodies on my JCV test, I’m now on Keysimpta.

The switchover was during my summer writing streak this summer, and I hated it so much to start.

Even after three full doses, the fourth will be towards the end of the month, I still get all sorts of concerned about how it’s going to affect me.


Um. No.

The new drug, as I’ve become accustomed to it, really isn’t that big a deal. One Sub-Q shot in the thigh once a month. Take it after work, spend the evening kind of as normal, and go to bed.

The doctor at Georgetown who was good enough to see me, then not get upset when my out-of-network Tidewater insurance didn’t cover the visit, has been my neurologist since I got up here. I appreciate all that she, and the rest of the staff at Georgetown have done for me.

There’s many aspects of my life, related to my health, that are a ton better now than they were back when I first wrote about what was going on.

On positive side, I’ve been able to continue to work far longer than I ever anticipated. My wife is, now, excelling in her career, and we’re not on the lip of destitution.

Some things, of course, are worse. My vision continues to get worse. Certainly not as markedly as it was early on, but things really aren’t good. I don’t know when they’ll want to put me through more vision tests. I am not, I don’t think, to the point of legal blindness. I still do find random tricks that help me be able to see/consume things, but it’s still difficult.

(Random hint: If you’re using Sarai in IOS, you can actually bypass many paywalls simply by activating the Reader mode.. Don’t tell anybody, okay. Pay for your news!!1!)

One of the pods I used to consume had a Tweet, I mean Post, about some breakthrough in nerve repair.

Am I interested? Absolutely. Is that going to really convince me to continue avoid taking advantage of the options I have?


Off to buy a physical copy of Walt Hickey’s book, and get it signed. Subscribe to his Substack.