Free Write

Sofa-king busy.

Two-thirds of the way finished.

Taking a lot of effort not to start trickling out the various parts of what I’m trying to do with the HR Geeks stuff.

Trying to stay atop fantasy football, but looks like I’m going to lose every league. Maybe not finish at the bottom of any of my leagues, but it is what it is.

Watching the FormskinsCommanders yesterday was painful. The Giants are not good, and Washingtons was managing to turn the ball over something like six times.

Norval’s boy wasn’t the problem with the offense.

The Sunday night game was actually halfway interesting, but I got distracted by the news that Milei had won the presidential election in Argentina.

My sensation is sort of reminiscent of Brexit.

This was not something that was supposed to happen.

I’ve been kind of following along with issues in South America here and there.

If you want to see examples of failures of modern leftism, you really don’t have to look a lot farther than South America.

The curiosity dates back to the days of dealing with the Chmosky bobbleheads on Orkut.

Many of them were really big on Chavez around 2004. The results of the Bolivarian Revolution have completely destroyed the country.

I’d also paid attention to places like Brazil with Lula. After he was convicted of crimes, his hand-picked successor took power, got involved with corruption herself, and laid the groundwork for a somewhat-questionable successor.

I paid some attention to Chile, which seemed to be on the verge of heading to a Bolivarian paradise like Venezuela. VICE News Tonight had a big segment on that in the last days. Chile, where the Frau Doktorin Bachelet (she went to medical school in East Germany after her Allende-aligned father had been imprisoned by Pinochet) seemed to have her administrators seemingly disrupted by seismic activity.

Listening to some of the discussion of Milei on the Reason podcasts, the initial excitedness about his potential had kind kind of evaporated in the past few episodes.

This was not something that was supposed to happen.

He was not supposed to win.

But he did. I’m kind of beyond words.

I haven’t had time to really review a lot of the analysis of his win. He’s planning to excise many, many unnecessary government departments. Whatever. Of, course, some of the zOMG CBDC people are even more worried about his tiptoeing around dollarization of the Argentine currency, or even the direct adoption of the dollar, itself

But I’m inclined to say that any CBDC really won’t work with so many other countries using the USD, or attaching their currencies to the value of the dollar.

Some politician can’t just direct activity without any negative response.

I’m sure I’ll have some more information when I get an opportunity to consume some more reaction. Meetings have really prevented a lot of listening about it, but this is really big news.

This was not something that was supposed to happen.

Meanwhile, a lot of the excesses of modern culture seen over the past few years are being reconsidered. Not kindly.

It’s the end of the world as we know it/And I feel fine

So much for a free write session. News intervenes.