Shmoocon #7

I watched the last ones in “Belay It” on the stream from the hotel room. My legs just didn’t want to walk anymore.

Nothing particularly notable, unfortunately. Maybe it was general MS bleh killing my interest. Maybe it was the random hotel network dropouts.

Did make it down to try and watch the trivia contest. I didn’t;t have a pen to participate, and I couldn’t;t see the questios=ns to try to answer them.

We went to the bar for desert and more drinks. Good conversation, at least. Reminiscing about conventions of the past, and discussions of plans for the last one next year.

I think I’ll miss Shmoocon, but the whole experience is completely different for me than it was in the early days when I was coming up from Tidewater.

I have to wonder how much the mandatory masking is killing session attendances. Who knows?