Turned Out The Shmoo

Wrap up in a sense.

My legs really weren’t working well yesterday morning, so forewent the talks, and just guzzled coffee (and this very strange gluten-free cranberry-orange muffin) in seating area up front. Telmnstr found a few people he knows, and Squidly1 floated in for a few minutes.

It was fluttering snow…and, as I said, I wasn’t working well physically (and I’m still not a day later), so I cancelled my short-bus ride, and grabbed a ride back to my perch inside the Beltway Swamp

We watched the couple of final things, including the closing from the sofa in the living room. My wife, who was just my girlfriend when she accompanied me to some of the early conferences, seemed to be mildly interested.

But after next January, they’re finished. Maybe someone will work up a replacement. Maybe not. Six of one, half-dozen of the other.

I am planning to go to the final. The trip is a nice respite for me, but there’s often things that leave me just shaking my damn head, sloshing around my already-scarred brain.

I’ve been really digging into heterodoxy lately. There’s certain things you’re supposed to believe, and do but few people really ever quantify whether these things are effective.

But towards the end of the closing, they gave prizes for the lock-picking competitions.

It’s kind of fitting accompaniment to this thing’s tagline. No security measure is unbreakable. That allows you to delete anything, and everything.

So you spread things around so you can reconstruct later if you want or need to.

Listening to this on and off as I write. This kinda plays into part of what I was doing at the hotel, and with the conference. Just pay the bits to grease the wheels, make your experience easier. I bet I could have navigated my suitcase to and drom the hotel room.

But I didn’t.


Because one, my body was rebelling against the strain I was putting on it, and two, paying the fee really isn’t a concern for me, but it might make the day of the recipient. What I paid to save me the pain of doing this, cost me less than fifteen minutes of my work labor.

Just pay it, and move on with your life.

That kind of relates to the Finding Freedom podcast ep. I appreciate what the guest is doing building a different social media app.


A lot of those really bad companiesTM make their money off scanning and selling your information.

Got it.

Pay ’em, and they stop doing that.

I apologize for getting really distracted here.

Shmoocon is, and was a lot of fun. I will do what I need to do to go to the last one next year.

Probably even if they make me wear a face diaper.