Eschewing Schadenfreude

I will guiltily admit that my initial reaction to Hunter Biden’s conviction on gun charges related to his drug use.

Cue the Nelson Ha-Ha!

Cynically, I could say that this is a travesty of justice, robbing children of their father, and depriving the world of his work as an artist.

What did he do? He liked about being addicted to drugs.

What did that law intend to prevent? Crack-whacked maniac from opening up with a gun on innocent people.

The sort of thing that his dad made a political career fighting agains.

Guns are bad, but everything’s worse when the person with the gun is taking illegal drugs.

But turn it around.

How many people has this background check saved preventing people from executing their constitutional right to have a firearm?

You, Mister Politician, claimed that this would prevent something. Provide a few examples of specific instances where it worked as intended.

Similarly, what is the age of the law upon which he was convicted. That Hunter didn’t have something making the penalty stronger?

The Brady Bill expired for a reason. Every single law should expire. Unless a law is explicitly to protect life, liberty, or property, it should expire.

The same goes for the regulations tracing to those laws.

But I’m not going to be worried about Hunter having a pistol. I’m also not going to worry about him smoking crack.

But, it’s important to know, that his dad is proud of him.