Memory Care Saturday

I started writing something about the “debate” on Thursday, but kept getting sidetracked. I took yesterday off, but really couldn’t focus on much.

So, what did I end up doing after listening to the endless reactions?

Trying, again, to work through the various Star Wars things on Hulu before I look to toss that to the side as under=used.

Of course, a lot of this was flavored by South Park.

Lame and Gay

I think I got about 90 minutes into The Phantom Menace before my wife came home, and I went on to other things.

The Bear is back, so I guess I’ll watch that, too.

Keep getting interrupted, too, by my wheezing equipment.

Do I need to be able to switch among so many systems?


Own PC, work PC one, work PC two, various personal laptops…..

Take your own damn advice, dude, and just spend the money to get something that works well.


So, the debate…

I took Friday off not because of the debate Thursday night, but it was a nice happenstance.

I really don’t have words.

The President was nearly as incomprehensible at times as my mother can be, and, well, Trump was Trump.

That there’s not a Libertarian on the ballot, kind of takes that option off the plate.

I actually sent Liz a personal email after reading this to say “thank you.”

Absolute disaster.

While I don’t think they’re going to reach the Mises Caucus’s goal of garnering fewer votes than Andre Marrou got in 1992, just with the growth in the US population, watching the immolation is simultaneously dismaying adn satisfying.

Bummer of the weekend was Martin Mull‘s death. I was tempted to tweetpost that he’s in a batter place, maybe he’ll see Jim Brown, but then I remembered that he was one of the steadfast atheists in hollywood.

I absolutely respect that. I don’t share the same respect for agnostics. You can make a determination on the evidence you’ve collected. If later you change your conclusion, that’s fine. But YOU have the ability ot make a pronouncement.

Unwillingness to make a pronouncement shows me one thing. I will keep that to myself, but understand that I do judge you based on that.

I could write for hours, but I need to go take this month’s shot.