MS, storm, Tide, etc.

Met with PCP this morning. Had a long discussion. No leeching. No flu shot (they didn’t have them). I’m satisfied. She’s learning, doing as much research as she can, trying to figure out how to best care for me. Yes, medicine is a science, but it’s not an exact one. So, the stuff I’ve been on may have quit working. Okay, try something different. Maybe I’ve built up a tolerance to it. Maybe I’ll end up back on it. Who knows. I need to go see her again after New Orleans, and we’ll forge ahead.

That brings me to issue two: storm. I had three months’ worth of Copaxone in my fridge. Teva’s service company says it’s okay, so long as it wasn’t ever over 86F, and wasn’t poorly refrigerated for more than 24 hours. I’m good. Renters’ insurance is going to cover the food we’ll have to throw out. It’s not a big claim, and she was happy to pay it. We could get by without it, but, there’s a reason I’ve been paying them for almost four years, now.

Doc also wants me to keep daily tabs on my vision, balance, continence, and extremity numbness. I can do that when I do my shot every morning. No biggie.