Write about an experience that changed a long held belief you had (Flashback to 2013)

Hmm. What I wrote in 2015 is here.

I guess, maybe, I’ve come back to some long-held beliefs after entertaining arguments to the contrary; my initial impression maybe wasn’t wrong?

Some of these things I’d rejected when I was younger, but had come back around on, but am now realizing that, no, maybe I was right in the first place. Or, maybe, my initial impressions of the people making the arguments was actually correct.

It’s difficult, however One of the things I’ve taken in lately is the FOX5 DC podcast on the DC Snipers. Generally, I think that people should not be imprisoned indefinitely for crimes they committed as minors. Listening to that, especially the final episode about Lee Malvo, really made me reconsider some things.

But I do think it’s important to change your conclusions if new evidence is presented.

This one is probably too heavy for me today, honestly. I’m definitely feeling end-of-dose lethargy.