Don’t Ask What You Don’t Want To Know

Followup to the last entry.  This (PDF, pops) is what I’m getting at.  But if you already have the solution, why waste time asking pointless questions, amirite?


Sometimes what you actually need to do isn’t exactly what you’d envisioned.  Accepting that can be difficult.  It’s more difficult for people who’ve got a vested interest seeing the solution implemented.

That’s made me the bad guy at work for trying to do the right thing.  There’s not much reputation left to protect, so, I’ll take on the role of pincushion if necessary.  (And that I’m not regularly injecting myself with chaff to confuse my immune system, that’ll be a little easier.)

On a somewhat related note, I got a nibble on my car.  I’ll put it out to my scant few readers before I sell it to a stranger one last time.  E-Mail me if you’re interested in a 2003 Mustang GT.

Is that the conclusion I wanted?  Nope.  I used to really enjoy driving, that car, especially.  But I can’t do it anymore, and probably will never be able to do it again.  It happens.

The loss of vision is the main impediment, but working a clutch was getting difficult/tricky last few times I drove, too.

Does anyone know how to go about surrendering your driver’s license to DMV?  Discounts on bus/train fares?

Ask the right questions

At work, lately, I’ve been trying to do that.

I spent some time talking about the MVC Model, but I’m not entirely certain that’s entirely the issue I’m working through.

Certainly, a lot of the emphasis the past few years has been working only on the Controller portion.  Where’s that gotten people?  Bloated monstrosities that still don’t let users do what they need to do.  (Inspires flashbacks to funroll-loops.  Sadly, in a professional setting, they aren’t fucking with compiler flags, they’re just cobbling on more and more hardware, using someone else’s checkbook.)

I want to ask the questions that let me know what it is people actually need to do.  I couldn’t care less about the actual mechanics in the early stages.

The people who want the gargantuan solutions don’t want to ask those questions;  might keep them from building that wicked setup.  But that wicked setup might not fill the users’ needs.  How would you know that?  Besides, it’s got this nifty failover…….

Double the injustice

Unfortunately, I woke up rather early this morning, and am seeing the reactions to the Zimmerman trial.

One aspect of the response is possibly more disturbing than the complete acquittal, itself.

The NAACP wants the DOJ to pursue charges against Zimmerman for violating Martin’s civil rights.

(Leftie Blog, Rightie Blog, but they say pretty much the same things.)

The LAPD thugs were agents of the state.  Zimmerman wasn’t.  There is a civil remedy available if justice wasn’t served.  LA and the State of California (actually, probably their insurance companies’ policies) paid Rodney King those civil remedies.  Since Zimmerman is a private citizen, all that’d be there to collect would be whatever that wannabe Cartman fat fuck has, personally.

Since the LAPD thugs were acting as agents of the state, the civil claim would have been against the state.

So, what’s the point?  It’s disturbing to think of nationally-institutionalized double jeopardy if criminal proceedings in state courts don’t achieve “justice.”

Where would it stop?  Very disturbed, NAACP.

Cobwebs cleared

Now time to sort.  *sigh*  Followup to this from about a month ago.

Long story short, I found a bunch more music hanging around on my wheezing PC.


  • Found stuff I knew I had, but hadn’t seen in awhile.
  • Have freed up probably 30GB more of disk space


  • More duplicates in the library I have to tidy up.
  • Still way more music than free space on my iPhone
  • ID3 information on many of the things I found is wrong

At some point, probably around 2008, I was using WMP for whatever reason, having switched up from whatever I was using on Linux, and very old iTunes on the Mac.

I had backups of other people’s PCs around, too, so there were lots of things from their libraries just sitting on my disks after I’d finished the jobs.  I know some of it was my dad’s from various things I’d cleaned up for him.  Obviously, he won’t be needing that stuff anymore.  (He’s here…)

Others, I have only sketchy memories.

Regardless, at some point, I wrote a totes awesome skript that copied all those music files into a single directory..

Half a decade later, here I am, shuffling through all the refuse.  *sigh*  I really am probably not going to listen to a lot of that old school hip hop I had, or the smooth jazz that somehow crept its way in.  Or would smooth jazz do something other than creep?  Saunter, maybe?