Settling out stuff with the journal, and pulling off the last bits from the old VM.

Yay Saturday.

Also have some things to help a friend with about some old audio hardware.

The fun of trying to compile drivers for somewhat-uncommon hardware.

Been a while. At the same time, I’m looking forward to it.

Trying to put together the plans for this fall/winter.

  1. Travel to Biloxi again
  2. Figure out what’s going on with my job
  3. Get an MRI in December
  4. Go to Mexico?
  5. Criticize the stupid that’s coming from the political world

With the last one, I glanced around Twitter this morning to see if the NeoHippie crowd had had anything to say about Rushdie.

Fucking silence.


Last night’s Peddling Fiction happy hour reassured me some, however.

Other people are reaching the same conclusion I was really arriving at last summer. Maybe I’m too tuned-in, but my life at this point is listening and thinking.

Flashback to this date in 2015. Things were seriously bad back then. I’m happy I made it through.

Is there an aspect of your personality you wish you could chnage?

That’s a tough question. The only thing I can think of is that maybe I’m too trusting of ordinary people sometimes.

I don’t think my boss is out to get me.
I don’t think the government is out to get me.
I don’t think evil corporations are out to get me.

I’ve never attributed to malice what could more easily be explained by ignorance or stupidity.

“They’re not bad; they’re just stpid.”

Maybe that makes me a fool.

But, whatever. I could spend lots of spoons thinking about how I’ve been fucked over. But I don’t have enough to waste.

I really haven’t backed down from those things. But the major disruptions I’ve been through in the past almost decade have really settled me.

Off to do some chores. :-/


Well, out of necessity, I think the move is progressing. should be up on its new platform. Hopefully I don’t fuck it up, and it’ll run for about five years. (Will I live five more years? Good question.)

Sampling through old entries on OD with twelve in them. From Christmas Eve, 2001.

I’m twelve

Yah, so my parents bought me a bicycle for christmas. Hmm. Yet another hobby for me that involves the risk of serious bodily injury…..Let’s look at them, shall we?

– Chainsmoking

– Binge Drinking

– Skiing

– Mountain Biking

– Radio

Yep, I’m a goner. But I’ve decided I’m going to live long enough to see Halley’s Comet again.

I don’t know why I was so negative about this. Maybe it just seemed like there wasn’t a lot of effort put into it.

I’m guessing that was largely because of my age at the time, and the circumstances of the new post-9/11 world.

I was going into my last semester of college, and working quite a bit. My recreational time consisted of driving around aimlessly with interruptions for stops at all-night diners.

I think, by this point, I did have Saturday nights off, at least, after working the early morning shift.

Would I enjoy being able to ride that bike these days? Yes. Maybe not as much as skiing. Certainly not as much as being able to see, speak, etc..

Skiing would be nice, too.

So. News.

Anne Heche died. What a strange story. Trying to forget Phil Hendrie doing a bit on her when she decided she was tired of being with Ellen. Yes, there was an intonation about her needing baby batter.

The next was the story on Salman Rushdie’s stabbing in NYC.

The NeoHippies on Twitter seem to be pretty silent about it. Can’t say that I’m surprised. For them, the world started in 2003.

Nope. I remember.

I remember the PanAm flight over Scotland we were worried my uncle was aboard.

This stuff isn’t as new as you all are convinced it is. And you’re doing yourselves a disservice by listening to 1970s peaceniks who seemingly missed all of the 1980s; what happened to Ceausescu?

Yeah, I won’t be waiting around.

Time to go watch Beavis and Butthead, and have dinner with my wife.


Another long day. There’s not a lot of details I can give, but I’m satisfied I’m doing the right things, and am getting some credit for those things.

I did get reassurance on some of the things that I think are falling into neglect that my group is actually doing a very good job. We’ve just got so many things to stay on top of that it looks bad only if you don’t consider the total volume.

It’s more difficult to see the good things when everything’s flooding in at once.

When I was riding to my new office the other day, I was talking about some of my past fun when it comes to IT operations. Where I am has bits of it, but it’s really not the same thing. I think the move “to the cloud” is going to continue to make the esoteric tech skills less useful.

Part of my weekend plans involves trying to help a longtime friend do something esoteric with a wheezing client machine he’s working on. The hardware in question was iffy with Windows 98. With 32-bit Windows, it was dodgier, still. But it’s something I’m interested to walk through, see if I can get it working. And maybe finish up moving to its new perch. Other stuff has moved, just need to finish up email, etc., with the main site.

So news. I did see discussion of an article on the death of social media on HN. This was just after looking through my old entries and seeing lots of discussion of Orkut. I remember running the network, and trying to figure out this newfangled thing…MySpace.

Things move along.

I have some things to do next couple of days. I should go to get to that.


I think the EAS alerts that keep going off signify that today signifies the end of summer. The lows are supposed in the 60s the next few days.

I’m okay with that.

Thankfully, it seems like, maybe, this isn’t going to go down as a horribly-hot summer.

Whar climate change? Whar?

It also plays into my tentative plans to head down to the Gulf Coast Autonomous Zone again in October. Burning PTO. I’m trying, but I still don’t think I’m going to get down to where I need to be.

Oh well.

Speaking of fall, I am lining up Fantasy Football again. We’ll see who bites. A couple of the longtime players who were unavailable last season might be this year. Not going to change things up too much.

But at least I don’t have to get an MRI until December. I was worried about that in today’s flashback from this day in 2011.

So, MRI today.  The techs weren’t really forthcoming with the information, and I don’t really like having to wait.  I’ve delayed my prescription refill until next week, hoping the neuro’s office will let me know before my appointment next week that everything is a-okay.

But I still can’t say I’m used to this nonsense, and the reflective dye injection still treats me badly.  I didn’t have as bad a reaction this time, but still felt like I was going to puke.  Bleh.  I’m thinking that, more than the other concerns, makes the Tysabri less of an option for me if I need to switch meds.  The results about improvements in vision, along with it being only once a month are plusses, but, still, IV.  Bleh.

On the Tysabri now. They’ve really cut out the contrast dye that used to bother me so much. I don’t know that I was having one of the reactions that the personal injury lawyers are all over…

I don’t think I had a reaction that was more than the psychosomatic reactions I was having to venous puncture.

Years of being on Tysabri will clear that up for you.

I will say that I gave a lab sample last time that I was at Georgetown that kind of made me feel like I was gonna boot in the cab on the way home, but…


I guess the big one for me today was listening to something, and having my mind changed. Hannah Cox on BASED Politics explained some of what the DOJ did with the Breonna Taylor shooting in Louisville. I have a reflexive supicions when it comes to these sorts of things where the Federal government is trying to get a conviction of people previously-acquitted by a state jury. In this case, however, it wasn’t that. They were going after the people who put together the bogus warrants the cops were acting on.

I’m okay with this.

And I’m finished there.

More tomorrow as we bask in comfortable temperatures again.


I still have somethings when it comes to getting things accomplished. Long day is long, but I still have a couple more hours of work to do.

I’m in such a better place now than I was when I wrote this:

From 2017:

t’s been more than a week since I had my Tysabri infusion. I don’t feel as strange as I did just after. I am still a bit fatigued, but, it’s not affecting me significantly. My neck hurts, which is different. I’ve had pain in my neck, that went down from just behind my right ear all the way to my right elbow since just around the time I was diagnosed

If you’d told me back then that I’d have been on this stuff this long, I’d have told you that you were nuts.

Down to every six weeks, now. I was really kind of feeling the exhaustion last week, but I don’t think that was due to it being towards the end of my does. No, it’s probably because I wasn’t sleeping well.

I did notice something in one of my news alerts recently that a “biosimilar” version of Tysabri is on the way really soon now.

I should look back at what I wrote back when I was starting Tysabri. Though I didn’t really admit it, I was as scared as I’ve been as an adult.

I’m wondering if surviving that is part of what’s been going on where I’m lacking some of the fear I’d normally have of things. Who knows?

News. Not going to link a specific story, but the DOJ raided President Trump’s house last night. Really? I don’t like the guy, but this is banana republic stuff. I thought the Reason take on it was pretty suspect.

Ten more days. Ten more days to write.


Flashback twenty years ago this day. If memory serves, I was really trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my wife. I’d graduated college, was wondering if this radio thing would ever pan out, or if there was something else I should go do while I tried to get into law school.

What to do when you’re bored

Me? Oh, I drove six hours one-way to watch a 45 minute football practice, then drove home. 😀

Went up to Carlisle to see Redskins training camp. It was really fucking surreal to be back in Carlisle. I guess seven years is a long time, but….

It might be that already, everything from that year is sort of a blur. You go someplace for just one year, and things don’t seem to fit together after awhile.

Biggest thing I’ll remember about Carlisle is my waist size. Ain’t gettin’ into those pants anytime soon….

My hip seriously hurts after the trip.

The RedskinsCommanders haven’t had camp at Dickenson College probably since I wrote that..

The complex at Dickenson was a neat little place.

As for fitting into my pants from 1994, I probably could have not terribly long after I was finally diagnosed with MS. Today? Notsomuch.

I think my wife and I did come across something from a similar vintage at my mom’s house. Those did fit, but there was no way in hell that’d I’ve consider wearing them.

Yes. They were Jorts. White ones. 1994 did was a thing.

Last night was an adventure with Intertubes was frustrating. But everything is good now, I think.

Looking at the news, there’s nothing that’s really taking my interest. Olivia Newtown-John died. Something Kardashians, Pete Davidson. Yeah, I can’t bring myself to really care.

I should put together a gift list. I kind of do want one of these.

I did stumble across this tweet that sort of fascinated me:

Chicago School

Completely different way of thinking about things.

I should go get some food. More tomorrow.


Philly by any other name smells just as rank.

Intertubes from Philly-based ISP seem to be back up. Maybe.

Everything went out at around 0100. I’ve been up and down trying to get it working ever since.

What can you do.

The appointment for the tech tomorrow is going to stay on. Still getting well below what we should be getting, but at least there’s something.

I am tired, but I think I’m going to try to stay awake until

Going to recycle a survey from 2005…

Questions in bold, old responses in italics, new in plain text….

1. What’s the last thing you ate?
Beef Jerkey. Yes, I know, nutritious, but I can sleep, so I went to the store.

A Coconut Built Bar.

2. What’s your favourite cheese?
Probably Monterey Jack.

No idea.

3. What’s your favourite fish?
Oh, I don’t know that I have a favorite. I’m not much a fan of striped bass, but I like pretty much anything else. Probably, locally, my fave is flounder. I like fried mullet when I’m back home (yes, we eat mullet down there, stop laughing, it’s really good)

Kind of open to any and all these days

4. What’s your favourite fruit?
Grape. White.

Don’t eat much these days. I like various berries.

5. When, if ever, did you start liking olives?
I’ve always liked green olives. I’d steal them out of my mom’s martini glass when I was very young (like four). Black olives I developed a taste for sometime later.

Unchanged. My wife, who I don’t think was very big on them when we got together, has introduced me to a bunch of different ones.

6. When, if ever, did you start liking beer?
Around fourteen, when it became legal for me to drink it.

Don’t think that’s changed.

7. When, if ever, did you start liking shellfish?
I’m a fuckin’ Cajun. I didn’t have a choice.

I’ll eat pretty much everything out of the water.

8. What was the best thing your mum/dad/guardian used to make?
My mom is a great cook; it’s really hard to pick just one thing. I think she’s most proud of her Pecan pies.

I’d rather not talk about this.

9. What’s the native specialty of your hometown?
Hm. That’s a good question.

I really still have no idea.

10. What’s your comfort food?

Waffle House.

11. What’s your favourite type of chocolate?
Oh, without a doubt, Kinder Schokolade. Link if you speak German. I haven’t been able to find it here in a very long time.

No idea if that link still works. My take on chocolate has changed since seeing a Shmoocon presentation years ago.

12. How do you like your steak?
rare to medium rare


13. How do you like your burger?
well-done with cheese.

I’ll take just about anything at this point. I don’t want an egg on it, though.

14. How do you like your eggs?
in the recipe enough where I can’t taste them. gaggs are nasty.

See last. I still don’t like eggs. Or avocadoes.

15. How do you like your potatoes?
Kartofflen Knodel (German potato dumplings)
I’m also really fond of bratkartofflen, although I haven’t been able to find a good recipe for it. Essentially, it’s potatoes that are boiled until they’re pretty much cooked, then diced and fried with onions and parsley in bacon grease. Healthy!

Not real particular.

16. How do you take your coffee?
I don’t at all anymore.

Just cream

17. How do you take your tea?
Not big on tea, either.

Really depends. I still don’t drink very much at all. I did home some sweetened tea when I was down in the Gulf Coast Autonomous Zone a couple of weeks ago. Just regular sweetened. My mother, the native, had unsweetended. I don’t know if that was a dietary restriction, or what.

18. What’s your favourite mug?
Being neither a coffee or tea drinker, I’d have to say a beer mug.

Yeah, I’m not sure what this is about. I do like my Initech coffee mug, though it is a little small.

19. What’s your biscuit or cookie of choice?

I really don’t eat those too often anymore. I did have some mildly-ginger-flavored breakfast things the other day.

20. What’s your ideal breakfast?
Kirsten Dunst.

Yeah, I have no idea why I answered it that way back then. These days, I rarely have anything more than coffee.

21. What’s your ideal sandwich?
Fried Shrimp Po’ Boy, dressed and pressed.


22. What’s your ideal pizza?
Pepperoni on a crust that’s thin, but not flaky in the middle, then yeasty on the outside. There’s a couple of greek places around here who get it right.

Same same.

23. What’s your ideal pie (sweet or savoury)?
Key Lime. omgjizz

Uh? I’m still partial to Key Lime, though.

24. What’s your ideal salad?
Never been real big on salad. It’s kind of something that fills you up so you don’t eat too much good food.

I’m really awed these days by professionally-prepared AND DRESSED salads. To me, that’s a sign that you’ve got a kitchen staff with half a clue. All you need to add, as the eater, is maybe some salt and pepper.

25. What food do you always like to have in the fridge?


26. What food do you always like to have in the freezer?

I really don’t have a big freezer. I do like to have some vanilla ice cream.

27. What food do you always like to have in the cupboard?

There it is.

28. What spices can you not live without?
Salt, pepper, tabasco, cayenne, file.

Pretty much salt and pepper. I do like to have some hot sauces around.

29. What sauces can you not live without?
Probably canned tomato, because when I cook, I tend to use it a lot.

See last. I like a variety of hot sauces these days.

30. Where do you buy most of your food?

My wife is adamant about doing all of it, herself.

31. What piece of kitchen equipment could you not live without?
Nothing, really. I do love, however, my fryer, and my George Foreman grill. Especially the latter…the neighbors look at you really weird when you fire up the gas grill outside at three in the morning.

Same. I would say I use either my cast iron skillet or my kettle most often.

32. What meats have you eaten besides cow, pig and poultry?
Lamb/mutton, squirrel, deer, opossum, turtle, alligator, snake, rabbit, snails, fish eggs.

There’s been others I should probably add, but they’re not coming immediately to mind at the moment.

33. What’s the thing you ate that you picked in the wild?
Oh, lots of things, but mostly blackberries when I was a kid in Germany. Too many will do severe intestinal damage, however. Don’t eat too many!

I honestly have no idea.

34. Arrange the following in order of preference: Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Sushi:
(honestly, I’m not really that fond of the last two at all)

Indian, Thai, Sushi, Chinese, Mexican, Italian

35. Arrange the following in order of preference: Vodka, Whiskey, Brandy, Rum:
(Had a real bad time with Brandy once….)

I don’t know that I can really rank this anymore. When it comes to distilled liquor, I would say my most frequently-consumed is Gin.

36. Arrange the following in order of preference: Garlic, Basil, Caramel, Lime, Mint, Ginger:
I can’t answer this question, honestly. They’re too different.


37. Arrange the following in order of preference: Pineapple, Orange, Apple, Strawberry, Cherry, Watermelon, Banana:


I don’t know that I’d change this.

38. What’s your fast food restaurant of choice, and what do you usually order?
Of choice? Hmmm….I would probably have to go with Sonic and a chili dog with tater tots. I hardly ever get over there, however, as whenever I’m doing fast food it’s like 2am. Taco Bell is the only thing open.

I eat so little fast food these days it’s almost now worth answering. That said, when doing fast food, I try to go with whatever is the signature thing of whatever place I’m ordering from.

39. What’s the next thing you’ll eat?
NFC. Supposed to go out to dinner with friends, but don’t know where.

I think my wife has something planned for dinner tonight. She was supposed to be making, I think, Ratatouille. Or maybe some fish. Dunno.

40. What do you normally have for breakfast?

Normally just coffee.

41. What do you normally have for lunch?

If I have anything, it’s pretty small. Nuts.

42. What do you normally have for dinner?
Nada. I eat one meal a day, spread out by courses that I eat at work. I normally have a starch of some kind that I eat first (rice, potatoes, corn, bag of chips…), shortly after I get to work at 9pm. Around midnight, I have whatever hot thing I’ve brought with me (soup, or some leftovers….anything I can throw in the microwave). Around 2:30, I’ll have my snack, which is something sweeter….peanut butter crackers, piece of fruit, or if i’m being bad (or was in a hurry), a candy bar. :-/


43. What do you normally have for snacks?
See above. Although if I’m starving some other time, I try to go with something that’s high energy…..hence the beef jerky, peanuts, that sort of thing.

Nuts, yogurt, protein bars, cheese.

44. The four veggies you like most are:

Gonna go full pedant here; peppers are a fruit.

45. What fruit and vegetable do you like the least?
I hate cantaloupe…for the veggies….would have to be the squashes (although I guess those are fruits, too, technically). Eggplant, zucchini, ick.

Yeah, I’m not sure that this is really accurate. I’ll try just about anything.

46. What’s your favourite chocolate bar?
Mr. Goodbar. You can’t go wrong with chocolate and peanuts.

I’m surprised I said this back then, but it’s still true.

47. What’s your favourite dessert?
I’m a sucker for custard-like things. Like I said above…key lime pie, cheesecake, that sort of thing.

Still. I’ve gained appreciation for things like bread pudding, too.

48. What’s your favourite drink?
bleifrei: Diet Dr. Pepper
mixed: Margarita
straight: Single Malt Scotch.

Non-alcoholic: Water. Mixed: Gin and Tonic. Straight: I’ve become particularly fond of Port lately.

49. What’s your favourite snack?
Dunno. Probably something with peanuts. Like I said, peanut butter crackers, payday bar, straight roasted peanuts…

Pistachios. Almonds.

50. What’s your favourite gum flavour?


51. What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?
I absolutely lurve Baskin Robbins’ “World Class Chocolate.”

I really appreciate a quality vanilla these days.

52. What’s your favourite potato chip flavour?
Sour Cream and Onion

Really depends. If that’s all that I’m eating, I’d still go with the SC&O.

53. What’s your favourite soup?
File (I don’t remember the little accent symbol right now) Gumbo….chicken and andouille.

Really like just about anything these days.

54. What food do you hate?

Yesh. I still don’t like eggs. That said, I could probably choke down quiche more-easily than, say, some done over-easy.

55. What’s your favourite restaurant?
There’s this little pub I like to go to up the road a bit. It’s cheap, they’ve got good beer, and a fireplace on cold nights. (A couple of you will probably know what I’m talking about when I say it’s at the foot of the Coleman Bridge).

Yeah, I know what I was talking about there. No, it’s definitely not that anymore. Considering what I might like for my birthday. Hmm. Bistrot du Coin? Maybe. The local Indian joint that delivers? Probably more likely.

Now on to try to enjoy the rest of the day. Or go back to sleep for a while. Either/or.


Listening to Peddling Fiction Podcast, and having thoughts about generational differences.

They’re a few years younger than I am, and they’re talking about the sex ed they got during school. My wife, who’s a bit younger than they, and I’ve discussed some of what she was taught.

Some crazy differences.

It’s kind of in relation to the new dread disease, Monkeypox.

Fright really doesn’t affect me too much anymore.

Listening to and reading some of the reporting, I feel like I’m really missing the fear I’m supposed to have.


Listened to an interesting ep. of Kennedy Saves The World with Rep. Dan Crenshaw on using hallucinogens for PTSD. Amendments he worked on with AOC may or may not actually find law.

I don’t know that I’m terribly interested, but there’s more than I once had.

What I wrote back in 1999 kind of illustrates that:

From August 6, 1999.

No, I’m not talking about carving N’Sync logos into my arm with a razor blade……

But this is an issue I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Some of these coping methods which seem so normal, can be termed as self abuse.

Let’s list some of them:


not eating

sleeping all the time

not sleeping at all


getting drunk off your ass


but there are so many…..I tend not to sleep, and live off coffee.

These normally are described as coping methods.

It has been said that happier people live longer…..maybe it’s partially due to the lower frequency of self abuse due to sadness.

Well, I’m off to refill my coffee cup…..later.

There still isn’t a big desire to “get wasted.” A bit of a curiosity, maybe, because I’m not sure that I even can at this point.

Intense experiences.

I avoided them for most of my life.

What can I do?

Right now, I’m doing the sorts of things that “normal” people don’t think twice about, and seeing how I feel afterwards.

One thing at a time.

But I think I’d like to do something “crazy,” and see what the experience is like.

Maybe it’ll happen…..


Busy day, but I got through it.

Unbearably hot here again. With that, though, there was this story that got some national attention.

I was thinking about Tom Anderson visiting DC from Beavis and Butthead Do America. Yes, I know that’s wrong, but it’s what came to mind when I heard about the old couple.

What can you do.

Watching On Patrol Live, which is kind of the reboot of Live PD, one of the shows cancelled in the wake of George Floyd.

There’s probably better things I could be watching, but…

My mom urgently wanted to ask my wife something about something with which she really hasn’t had familiarity in fifteen years.

This is why she’s not living by herself.


I should find something more substantial to write about for tomorrow.


I really should update these so that they’ve got the entry numbers stretching across months.

Oh well. Maybe this weekend. So many things I need to do.

  • TWUUG Meeting
  • Go to new office tomorrow morning
  • Get my passport
  • Finish migrating VPS setup
  • See if I can figure out what’s going on with OpenDKIM on the lists VPS

And so on.

I looked through old entries to see if there was something I could reproduce. I remember, now, why that stuff isn’t readily-available.

I think the batteries in this keyboard are dying.


Brit5ney Griner . But we should be okay with Russia being a legitimate force in world politics. I miss the days when they were disrupting US elections, you know?

The Federal government is getting involved in the Breonna Taylor case. And continuing silence on what happened in MoCo, MDDR about the same time. But they’re good people, and he was a nut, so it was totally justified that they shot him while he was asleep next to his pregnant fiancee.

Ben Roethlisberger will be very happy that it looks like the Choco-Taco has been saved by keyboard warriors. I really miss Kissing Suzy Kolber.

I guess the Hall of Fame game is tonight. I don’t think I’m going to be able to watch. Next to get my wife to sign-off on TV changes in time for the season….