I’m clearing out things that are sitting in my draft queue because I’m kind of lazy, and don’t want to really dig through my prompts to find something to write.


Had a big of a recent discussion with someone about what’s going on with the corporate press.

The TV networks are battling for an audience that’s gotten bigger, but less captive.

I think I’ve touched on it a bit previously. There’s just so much fragmentation, and the audience that is still sticking with the legacy methods is dying off.

So you’re NUMBER ONE in cable news? That means, what, three and a half million viewers? There’s more than 300 million US citizens.

When you do the math, it becomes more apparent what the audience is, and why they’re super-serving it.

If there’s a TV commercial that warns of negative effects for those going through menopause, I can know I’m really not in the plurality of the audience.

Some of the discussion I’ve heard on my regular podcasts (I can’t remember which, exactly, could have been “The Fifth Column,” “Blocked and Reported,” or “Honestly.”) the for the print media, with the subscriber model, the editorial decisions about news are really guided by what the paying customers, the subscribers, want to consume.

Oh well.

What needs to happen is the name-credibility of the various major media outlets needs to die.

Who cares that the New York Times reported something? Did they actually report it accurately the first time? What did they fail to report? Were some of the failures to report something based on worry about subscribers’, or the staff’s reaction to the story?

The “alternative” media sources shouldn’t be dismissed immediately because of why they are. Similarly, the corporate press shouldn’t be given any specific weight because of who is reporting it.

I know, I know, Chuck, that’s dangerous. I don’t care.

It might be a fun experiment to do a retroactive validation of various outlets’ top stories for a particular day.

I could wear an Alex Jones Was Right T-shirt now without a lot of irony today.

How dangerous is that, Chuck?

Stories I’m following today.

First, another in the string of complete failures of the US government, Kabul is about to fall in Afghanistan. That’s another in the list of failures we’ve seen since changing leadership in DC.

It’s finished. You failed. Let’s try something completely different.

Another example of maybe super-serving the audience. Thousands of COVID-19 cases and deaths may have been due to wildfire smoke, new study says

Uh, maybe people are, you know, gathering indoors where they’re protected from directly-inhaling the fire smoke by filtering HVAC systems?

“Experts also told The Post that wildfire smoke leads to people spending more time indoors, where the virus is more likely to spread.”

Okay. They did get to it, but it’s way down in the article. Why is that?

And I thought I had problems – 8/9/2000

On second thought, nobody is worse than me. I saw the ex today….didn’t talk to her. But I’m sure it’s her. New car. Go figure. Her hair is now some color not found in nature. But I decided not to pull her over and talk to her. Perhaps I give her too much credit. Her new automobile had a bumper sticker that reads “Bad Cop, No Donut.” Please. Rant forthcoming. If you don’t want to read it, skip a paragraph….

Don’t fuck with the cops….they will always win. If a cop pulls you over, be as polite as possible. Obey everything he/she says. Take mental notes. If it’s a standard traffic stop, and he/she asks to search your car, politely decline. Don’t put anything on your car that’s gonna put them in a bad mood when they see you. They win. You lose. It’s as simple as that. You can’t beat them. But fighting them will only get you hurt. If they do something wrong in the process, your mouth isn’t going to punish them….the law will. But remember, in general, the law is on your side. Your attitude has a lot to do with it. So there.

I cut it there, because the rest was really rambling. I was talking about flirtations with vegetarianism again. What’s there, however, speaks to my general outlook on many things.

Take care of yourself, and don’t intentionally set people off.

I have other things I want to write about, but I think I’m finished for today.


I’m not working, and keep getting distracted. Oh well.

I will get to what I planned to do after I finish this.

Or maybe after I have some coffee.

Things that are distracting me? Things like this. I’ve been lazy, again, about spelling out what the links are about. That one is about how NYc restaurants are refusing to check patrons’ vaccination status.

I applaud that. Sell your shit, and don’t worry about whether or not your customers are living a particular way you like.

People are just refusing to go along with the authoritarian mandates; just say no.

I did hear an interesting podcast, too, about a paper done at George Mason.

The folks who hate the Beltway Libertarians probably would have quit listening after the first few minutes. But it got more interesting as the writer discussed her research.

There was an outsized number of former military folks involved with what happened on January 6th. Yes, and that’s the headline the corporate press is going to report. Yes, and that’s why there’s the stand down on extremism. But there’s a lot more to the story, and it doesn’t make an exciting headline.

How do you get people to listen long enough to really consider things?


That gets attention. And that’s the important thing when getting a fleeting second of attention is what’s important.

Oh well.


Bit of a weird writing time right now. I normally do this either first thing in the morning, or right after I finish work. Because they’re doing this Field of Dreams game on FOX, what I’d normally be watching is preempted. It’s not yet time for Jeopardy!. So knock things out before that comes on…

First up? Looks like I probably should get another shot. While much of what I’ve been consuming lately is decidedly opposed to the vaccine(s), I’m already down the road with it, so why not continue? I am saying, however, forcefully, that I will avoid doing business with companies that are asking to see customers’ proof of vaccine. Yeah, I got it. No, you can’t see it, and you can kiss my dollars goodbye. It’s none of your fucking business.; Just like it’s not any of my business what you chose to have for breakfast this morning.

Next, Afghanistan. The US and the UK are running away. An orderly end was planned, but the new Administration had to do something different than the bad orange man.

That’s fine. We’re finished. You failed. Move onto something else.

As far as Britney, she’s free. That one is a bit of a different take. It’s over. Her dad sortakinda didn’t fail. Move on.

I’m not working tomorrow. Whatever. I still have something like 80 hours’ PTO I need to figure out how burn before the end of the calendar year.

Name some annoyances that may seem trivial, but drive you crazy

There’s so many. “Negative impact.” No, it’s a negative effect. Or something could negatively affect something else. A negative impact is a vacuum; it sucks.

People saying “backslash” when reading a standard URL. There are occasionally web apps, and the like that use a \ in a URL. That said, for the vast, vast, vast majority of sites, it’s a forward slash /.


It’s related to the underlying FHS, if you’re a nerd, and care about that sort of thing.


Work is crazy busy.

I still need to figure out how to take some time off.

Thinking about the state of the world, I reached a disturbing realization the other day — that the COVID-19 remediations will work as well as the solutions to fight climate change.

There is no accountability for politicians whose solutions don’t work. It used to be assumed that they’d just lose at the ballot box, then go away.

Now, they’re absolutely destroying people’s lives.

It’s not enough to just end cops’ qualified immunity; end sovereign immunity.

If you do something that hurts someone else, you’re responsible. Even if there’s a fancy title in front of your name.

Is groupthink dangerous?

At one time, I probably would have said, “yes,” but I wonder if it matters at this point.

Whatever you think, whether it’s groupthink or not, doesn’t matter to matter to most people.

If you adhere to the “correct” groupthink, you’re okay. If you subscribe to the wrong ideas, whether or not there’s a lot of people who agree with you, you’ve made yourself a target.

Senator Paul is one of the few people who’s challenging the wisdom of various measures, and the totes-doesn’t-do-evil company’s video site suspends his site..

He’s a Senator.

For him, adhering to the popular opinion, groupthink, he wouldn’t have been suspended.

So it doesn’t matter. See: CloudFlare.


Today’s supposed to be a free-write day. Incredibly busy with work today. I’m tried, but moving along.

Two-thirds of the way finished with this streak; end is definitely in sight.

The big news of the day is that the Senate’s slim infrastructure bill passed, and Cuomo resigned.

I am still worried about the second part coming out of the House, especially this part.

Who knows.

Still reminiscing about the comedy show this weekend. That was a lot of fun.


The show last night was great. Not necessarily all that I thought it’d be, but a fun time. It was ungodly hot in there, unfortunately

A few good chats with Robbie “The Fire” out front of the club.

Looking for the correct superlative to describe Chris From Brooklyn‘s opener.. His stalwart producer might have something appropriate.

Robbie should have brought his Hunter Biden artwork; would have sold well in his adopted hometown.

I liked Dave’s set. The live podcast session kinda turned me off. I understand why he’s miffed, and it’s tough to placate the Asperger’s crowd, but they’re really not stupid, and there’s probably something you can do to get them on board intently-focused on an area where you’re not the strongest.

They do have a lot good to offer on Chicago School economics. And, in the unlikely event of an electoral win, maybe there’s a chance they can keep you off the airplane that’s being used to cleanse society of the Marxists and Keynesians. Paul Krugman would do well to stay in New Jersey unless he’s on Amtrak….

On to the prompt…

Finish this statement. It was a different kind of day because I… (T2K)

I’m not working this morning. Sort of. I will call in to a mid-morning meeting, and do system work tonight, but I’m basically off work.

I’m still wondering what it’d be like to really some time off where I can go and do kind of whatever suits my whim at the moment.

Being at the show last night would have been even more entertaining if I’d been able to get out, and get home more quickly.

I should do more writing now, but I really don’t have the impetus.

I also should be giving ideas on shopping. Maybe one of these. I also kinda want a rablet, and a burner Android phone for my NYC trip….

But I’m falling in to the same thing I always do, where there’s no single thing that’d absolutely fascinate me.

Oh well.


Writing early as I prime up for the show I’m going to see in DC tonight.

I am incredibly excited.

I’m trying to get myself up, physically, to really enjoy myself. *fingers crossed*

Do you ever feel conflicted when someone you admire comes under controversy?

This is one where I’ve found myself needing to do some re-analysis.

I used to look with strong condemnation towards those who had emotional or substance abuse issues. This can be traced to my upbringing, my admiration of stoicism, and the wonderful messaging of the various anti-drug programs of my Gen X youth.

If you smoke crack, you might die the first time you did it. Look at Len Bias.

If you have any sort of sexual contact with another person, you will probably get AIDS die. Look at Magic Johnson.

Yeah, about those….

The government lies. Almost all the time.

The corporate press, too, often falls into that sort of mindset.

One of the things I learned in broadcast, however, is that you’ll never be successful if you think your audience is foolish.

Your job is to make them stick around long enough to listen to a commercial. The nobler ideas of artistry, holding the powerful to account, whatever….are all irrelevant if you turn them off to the point at which they turn you off.

You can leave. You can always tune things out, and choose something different.

On the broadcast side, consider the BBC. In the UK, the consumer pays a tax on every single receiver to pay for the BBC.

So that means that there is no broadcast other than that which is blessed by the British government.

Then somebody launches a satellite. Oops.

Technology can overcome pretty much anything.


Can see the end of the road on this stretch now.

No prompt for today, however. I hadn’t put on in, so I’m just going to go with whatever’s on my mind.

  1. Incredibly excited about seeing Robbie “The Fire” Bernstein, Dave Smith, and Chris from BKLYN in DC tomorrow night. Chris’s addition was unexpected; heard it listening to Dave and Robbie on “Part of the Problem” earlier in the week. Even when I was young and healthy, I rarely got excited about much. I am very excited about this one. I’m taking part of the day off on Monday to give me some time to recover.
  2. Similar to the first point, I’m excited to go to NYC to see the Soho Forum Debate in October. There was quite a bit of discussion this week about the app. This morning, I’ve been researching the very-fascist Key To NYC passport for the vaccine. The mayor was pretty emphatic that there’s no location tracking, etc.. I went over and have looked at some of the technical details. I’m a little more comfortable with it, but I’m still not going to install it on my personal phone. I’m still looking hard at buying a “burner” phone, Baltimore-style, for the trip. Just get things as far away from prying eyes as possible. But when I’m there, with the exception of the debate, itself, where they said that the venue is forcing it, if I’m asked to show my papers, I will politely wish a nice day, and leave. No, I’m not showing you anything to buy your products. Sorry. And that’s something where the restaurants just choose not to participate, they can have my business. If all of them take a similar tack, they’ll immediately hurt their waitstaff. If you’re intentionally narrowing your clientele, that’s something your waitstaff should know. Following that, you hurt their bottom line by buying from the delivery apps. You Can Leave
  3. I only watched parts of the Hall Of Fame game. I’m still trying to figure out the fantasy league. If you’re interested, let me know. @757sean on Twitter, or

And that’s about it for now. Enjoying this.


Chugging along. So much mindless training this week.

But I feel like I’ve gotten a lot accomplished ahead of the deadlines.

Two billionaires have each taken a trip to the edge of outer space  what significance does their actions have on the future of space travel (T2K)

First, this shows the Austrian view of economics is true — products should get cheaper over time. Yes, that seriously fucks with the never-ending price inflation that the Keynesians on. Tech advances make things cheaper over time.

One of the common things is Friedman’s Pencil example. How much does a run-of-the-mill pencil cost? A few cents. How much would it cost you to produce one, yourself? A lot more than a few cents.

I used to have a boss who was really big on the do-it-all-yourself mantra. We were doing some wiring for a network product that used CAT-5e breakout blocks. Wiring up a single unit was probably $10 in product, but it took probably three hours to do all the connections. What I figured out how to do was take pre-fabricated cables, cut them in half, and punch down the cut ends of the cables. The cables to cut in half were cheaper than the $10 in products, and the labor to do the punches on the pre-made cables probably only took about 25% of the time.

When it comes to going to space, from a purely research and economic perspective, that, as the price drops, this falls into private industry is not at all surprising.

What’s really prevented it is law/government. Nice launchpad you’ve got there. Do you have a permit? No? Okay, well, I’ll take that, then.

How much would production of something equivalent of the Mercury capsules cost using off-the-shelf products today?

Probably a lot less than what it cost to initially-create them in the 1950s.

The billionaires, however, are producing more vehicles even more advanced than the Mercury capsule. The rockets are reusable. The vehicles are reusable. They have landing options better than an ocean spashdown.

Private industry does all of this without stealing money from people to pay for it.

Government can help most by doing nothing. If there’s something the state would like to buy, great. See: SpaceX’s missions to/from the ISS.

As for the future, costs will continue to decline.

The production costs of the vehicles will get cheaper.

Even if fuel increases in price, the vehicles will require less of it to get where they’re going.

If someone wants to make it too difficult to pursue in the US, they’ll go somewhere else.

Oh well.

Maybe they can still do that. If there’s nowhere on land where they’re allowed, they’ll move to a floating platform in the oceans. You can leave.


I didn’t have a prompt for this one, so I’m going to repeat something from November 2015.

The prompt, then, was actually from the sixth; the fifth didn’t really fit, here.

Nov. 6, 2015, midnight

What are your plans for this weekend?

I have a virtual event on Friday night, then I’m going to see a comedy show Sunday.

Otherwise, no idea.

What I wished for in that entry, however, was just some time to relax. I’m kinda there right now, actually.

I’m sortakinda off on Monday. I’ll hop on for our normal team meeting, then I have my Monday night maintenance window.

Maybe I’ll get motivation to do more with these mailing lists…..